Pet Grooming in Fayetteville, NY

Spruce up the appearance of your dog or cat with grooming services from A Bark and A Wag Grooming Salon in Fayetteville, New York . Our full-service grooming salon offers grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats.
Dog on towel — pet grooming in Fayetteville, NY

Full-Service Grooming

Your pet will love our full-service grooming. Each grooming includes a bath and dry, a haircut of your choice, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. If needed, we pull hair from the ears of dogs that need it. Only organic shampoos are used, because they are the best at getting tangles out.

Gland Expression

Rather than letting your cats and dogs express their affections on your carpet, let us express their glands for them. Gland expression helps prevent blockage and reduces foul odors released by the
anal glands.
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