Pet Trimming in Fayetteville, NY

Pets with short claws make for happy pet owners, so bring your pet in for nail trimming at A Bark and A Wag Grooming Salon in Fayetteville, New York. If your dog or cat doesn't require a bath, we trim their nails, clean their ears, and do a thorough brushing for their specific coat.
Cutting Nails — pet grooming in Fayetteville, NY

Trimming Services

Save your couch with nail trimming services. Our trimming services also include trimming the hair on the face, feet, and ears.

Belly Shaving

Cats sometimes need to have their bellies shaved. We proudly offer belly shaving for your
feline friends.

Cleaning & Washing

Clean hair and clean teeth are essential for good health. We offer pet tooth brushing services as well as anesthesia-free dental cleaning. We also offer a full array of shampoos and conditioners for your pet's hair.
Contact us to make an appointment for nail trimming and other grooming services.